Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Like Crowns

But not just any crowns. Just some of them, the ones that move me.

For years I've wanted a crown to wear on my birthday. Since before I had children! (Ancient days.) Seriously, if I'd had one, I'd have sat in my apartment reading a book and wearing my crown all day long. I'd probably have had hot chocolate topped with whip cream, with little crenelating peaks around the edges of the cream.

And now that I've got kids, I'd wear my crown on my birthday, on Mother's day, and on any other day I felt like it. My kids like crowns too. I would loan them mine to wear. Until they'd gotten their own.

So, what kind of crowns do I like? Well, heavy ones, that are meant to sit outside in the garden keeping royal plants happy. And funky, light and airy fairy crowns, sometimes, it depends. I've never actually found a crown that I wanted to wear on my head, hence my still not having one.

But check out these ring sets. They make me drool. Polite, royal, crown worthy drool, to be sure.

Simple, sturdy, stately crown on top, one thin silver band, and then the columns on the bottom. Speaks to my Roman roots, and I think shows I'd be a strong yet benevolent ruler.

And look at this one:

This is the set I lust after. Delicate, but royal crown, ruby jewels, and the masculine and strong band one up from the bottom. Just those three.

Have I mentioned I don't wear a wedding ring? I would, for these.

Rings by Cathy Waterman - "Love of My Life"