Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've put it off, now to act

While sewing like a mad thing for a local play, my thoughts went again and again to clothing I want to sew for my girls. I was especially looking forward to making a Redondo skirt for my 5 year old. However, she got her hands on Ottobre 03/06, the same one I found in a rubbermaid tub of her toys awhile back, and asked me to PLEASE make her #23. This was quite the surprise.
  1. She's a skirt girl and only wears pants when I insist on it because we've got grungy work to do outside, or because of the weather. (Currently 27 degrees F.)
  2. This pant style just doesn't get me interested in sewing. It's cute in the pic, just nothing I want to make.
  3. It's WINTER! Those pants are for summer sun.
I thought about making them out of warmer fabric, but that would rather ruin the look I think. And I thought about lining them with flannel, but IF she likes them, she's going to want to wear them to the contradance, and flannel lined pants would be too warm for that.

I've looked over my fabric to find something that will work, and more importantly, something that I won't mind giving away since I figure the odds of her actually deciding she likes these pants is at about 50%. Ha. It's not easy parting with fabric, especially as I love them all. Here's what I've decided on. The darker print is for the pants, and the striped one will be for a top of some sort.

They are both from Rebecca Carter's Florentine Roses line and came from

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Whales like attention too

I do wish I'd gotten better pictures of Whale before he went out the door to the baby shower. He, Mr. Moose, Starfish, and Seagull were decorations on a branch for a little baby-to-be. They are also toys-to-be for when the little one is older. Mr. Moose may have his antlers and curly legs going for him, but Whale has his tail. (Seagull has feathers and Starfish character, but sadly they didn't get their pictures taken.)

Friday, November 17, 2006

What's in a blog name?

Everything, if you're like me. "A name? I have to pick a name? Will I have it forever or will I be able to change it later, and how much effort and time would that take and will I lose data? " If I'd had to choose my own name upon reaching a certain age - forget it. The stress alone would have done me in. Happens I love my name so that ended well. And as for my blog name, time will tell.

Here's a moose I made for a baby shower. I'm now preparing kits with hand dyed wool felt, patterns, and instructions for Mr. Moose, Whale, and a mermaid who I believe is behind the disappearance of the digital camera all because she doesn't have her hair on yet and doesn't want me taking pictures. How am I going to show the steps along the way if I can't take pictures of her until she's completely done? Ooooooh, that's like a major life lesson coming at me from a doll I created. Can't think about it too much, must stay sane.