Friday, November 17, 2006

What's in a blog name?

Everything, if you're like me. "A name? I have to pick a name? Will I have it forever or will I be able to change it later, and how much effort and time would that take and will I lose data? " If I'd had to choose my own name upon reaching a certain age - forget it. The stress alone would have done me in. Happens I love my name so that ended well. And as for my blog name, time will tell.

Here's a moose I made for a baby shower. I'm now preparing kits with hand dyed wool felt, patterns, and instructions for Mr. Moose, Whale, and a mermaid who I believe is behind the disappearance of the digital camera all because she doesn't have her hair on yet and doesn't want me taking pictures. How am I going to show the steps along the way if I can't take pictures of her until she's completely done? Ooooooh, that's like a major life lesson coming at me from a doll I created. Can't think about it too much, must stay sane.

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wendylouwho said...

I love Mr. Moose and Mr. Whale! As for the mermaid, well, if she wants to wait till she's perfect, she'll never journey out into the world...leaps of faith and all that ;-)

So glad to see you in the blogosphere!