Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I have been creating...

With one mermaid complete I altered the pattern again and made another. This one went out in a swap. I had planned to have her hiding a gift behind her back under all that hair, then I decided the box would be in front filled with pearls, but with time running out her gift became a string of pearls.

The first mermaid was fuller of waist, hip, and tail. Which one looks most like she'd be found in Alaskan waters? Hard to say. I know my inclination is to put on padding for warmth. But this one reminds me of an arctic eel and a beluga whale and I have no doubt that she's lived lifetimes without being spotted, except for a flash of her tail as though she's any other beluga touring Turnagain Arm. Her sister however has probably been the cause of more than one accident on Seward highway, while sun bathing on a rock.

I also sewed up an apron for myself, the day after ruining one of my favorite shirts while cooking. I love aprons, especially unusual aprons, and yet I had never taken the time to just make myself one. This one is reversible but my husband complains that the green side is blinding. : )

My daughter received fat quarters for her birthday from several generous sewers and while I sewed up my apron, she made one for a Barbie - on her very own birthday sewing machine. I was a little worried as tiny curves are harder to sew than large, but she really wanted to do it and did a great job. The only part she didn't like was hand sewing the inner neckline. Here is the first thing sewn on her sewing machine. (It also gives you an idea of how fantastic I look in mine.)

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wendylouwho said...

I need to see an apron modeling shot! So your apron is just like barbie's? I can't tell from the picture.

Anneliese's barbie apron is perfect! Oh, I'm a shmuck. I guess my birthday fat quarters will be more like a Christmas gift :(