Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Today in Home Education

We took a six week break from Latin. Because of that we have started back at chapter one and are reviewing. This has made for some wonderful Latin time. The kids always enjoy going back because the work is relatively effortless. The review is good too. Besides reading passages in Latin in ease (such a boost for moral) the kids get a thorough review of past vocabulary and grammar. Yesterday we started chapter one and today we finished it.

Here's Tuesday:

Parables From Nature read aloud
World History

While the older two were writing in Latin (yes, I love that they are, enough that I'll write it again, the older two were writing in Latin) the youngest did phonics and penmanship. She does Math when the older two do, though not for as long, and she sits in on History and Science. In the afternoon she gets another read aloud, currently book one of The Boxcar Children.

Today in World History we are starting a set of DVDs from The Great Courses, aptly named World History. As our study of Roman History involves a lot of writing and map work, my plan is to keep World History relaxed and go for exposure. We'll also continue reading from Van Loon's The History of Mankind.

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